Cottonwood Institute's Changemaker Program: Application
CI’s new Changemaker Program is an environmental education and community leadership program open to CAP Alumni high school students. Please answer the below questions to help us get to know you and why you want to apply for this program.
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What city do you live in? *
What school do you go to? *
What grade are you going into this fall? *
What language(s) do you speak? *
What language(s) do you read? *
Please check all of the below boxes to confirm that you are able to participate. It is important that students in this program can attend most or all of the events. *
Think about someone who is a changemaker that you admire. It can be a famous person or someone in your life who takes action to solve social or environmental problems in their community. Please write a few sentences answering these questions: Who is that person? Why do you admire them? How do they change their community? *
What kinds of things do you already do to make change in your community? This could be volunteering, taking on leadership roles at school, or something small you do every day. *
In this program, students will learn about different ways to make change. Is there an environmental issue or a social issue that you are already interested in that you would want to work on in this program? *
Students will have the opportunity to help design this program along with the instructors. What is one activity (lesson, field trip, service project) you would like to see as part of this program? *
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