China Residencies Donation Matching
With the generous assistance of a board member who works at Microsoft, all donations made through this platform will be matched 100% through their corporate employee benefits program. Make sure to state how much money you'd like to donate, through which platform you'd like to send money through, and we will reach out to coordinate ASAP through your email.

PLEASE NOTE: 1) the board member will have to make the donation on your behalf in order to get the match, please do not make the donation on your own. 2) If you would like a US tax deduction, you can give here:

Your support will help us steward more open, collaborative, sustainable, and caring creative exchange in the world. Thank you! 谢谢!

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You will receive an email from Minsoo Thigpen ( to confirm your donation and send you the donation receipt! Thank you again for your generosity! Please reach out to us if you have any questions!
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