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Ps: If you're already a part of the Fit for His Glory Community just let me know and I will get you plugged in!

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IF at any time during this program I feel defeated or that I need help I will email and reach out to my coach Caroline, I will keep her in the loop with how I am feeling each week and if I need any extra assistance.
Would you be interested in learning about my "preferred customer" option (25% off), my Active Military discount (25% off), or joining my team of coaches where you get 25% off AND create additional income OR full-time income for yourself in the heath and fitness industry?
Are you ready to COMMIT? I can promise you my 100% support and guidance throughout your experience in my virtual boot camp! You will have the support of my exclusive private virtual accountability group. But best of all, you will have access to voice chat with me daily or as needed, and will be hearing daily encouragement from me and the other women in our group to keep you focused and motivated! I will also be asking you to track your workouts and food so I can hold you accountable! My coaching packages are a one time investment, with a full 30 day money back guarantee. We WILL get you the results you want so you can confidently LIVE YOUR LIFE. You ready to learn more? *
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