ARC Application: Fantastic Journey - The Soul of Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Adventure
The secret of imaginative fiction is vital to our souls.

But the secret lies farther within.

This fantasy genres guide quotes 70 authors who whirl the reader on a fantastic journey into the imaginative realm of magic and meaning.

Deep spiritual meaning in fiction affects our experience in the spiritual arena, inducts us into the wide world of ideas, and impacts the sphere we breathe in. Discover worlds near and far - and the soul of speculative fiction and fantasy adventure.

A smart, thoughtful, concise look at how imaginative fiction impacts readers on three levels:
• The spiritual arena
• The wide world of ideas
• And the sphere we breathe in

Experience the mystery, the beauty, and the adventure – from great middle grade books and enchanting young adult series to standalone novels. Reading the best books shapes epic imaginative fiction authors and readers as much as great literature.

From sweet and wholesome fantasy to speculative adventures – dare to unveil the elusive secret of imaginative fiction.

Find that which is the wealth of souls.
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