Submit information on an EQUiSat pass
Let us know that you heard or saw EQUiSat! If you have any logs or data from the pass, please attach it here or send it to us. Your help could go a long way for us keeping track of EQUiSat and even receiving it's data!
When did you hear EQUiSat? *
What time of day did you hear EQUiSat?
Where did you hear EQUiSat? (lat/lon, address, country)
Your name or callsign
Email address (so we can let you know if we got something from your packet!)
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Signal Information
We'd love it if you could send us some data on the signal you received. Anything you can send us will be helpful, including demodulated audio files, photos or videos of your screen, and raw I/Q data from an SDR application such as GQRX, SDR#, or others. If you think it may help, attach it!

You can attach multiple files by holding down the "control" or "cmd" key while choosing them. You can select up to 10

If the file you're sending us is too large for you to upload (for example a I/Q data dump) or you have more to send, email us at and we'll find a way to send it.

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