Humanities Outstanding Staff Awards
Has your teacher, supervisor or administrator made a difference to your learning and development, or engaged you through an effective and innovative use of technology? Recognise and celebrate them by nominating them for an award.
Outstanding Teaching Award (includes TAs)
Award Criteria
Does your teacher inspire you to learn and do your best? We are looking to recognise and celebrate those teaching staff who consistently provide a well-organised course that is taught effectively and supported through high quality assessment and feedback. We want to know who engages and challenges you in a supportive manner and motivates you to learn.
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We need your details in case there are any queries about your nomination and we need to contact you. We will make the member of staff aware of your nomination, but will not name you individually.
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About the member of staff you are nominating
This nomination survey is for the Outstanding Teaching Award, including TAs. If you wish to nominate a member of staff in more than one category, or more than one member of staff in the same category, you will need to complete a different survey for each.
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