LCY Executive Council Nomination Form
This is the form to nominate candidates to run for offices in the upcoming school year.

You may nominate yourself (and are encouraged to do so).

Please send any questions about nominations or this year's process to Pastor Eric (


All Executive Council officers are expected to attend ALL Executive Council meetings, Cabinet meetings, and help at the conference level. You will also be expected to attend an over night leadership retreat in August.

Attendance at all three Winter Retreats is strongly encouraged, and LCY Convention participation BOTH this year AND next year is expected. Participation in LOVE Projects is STRONGLY encouraged.

**Missing more than one Cabinet meeting and more than one Executive Council meeting without a valid excuse may be grounds to be dismissed from office.**

Missing retreats makes us very sad.


See that sad face?

Do you want to see us make it again?

I didn't think so!

If you can't make this kind of time commitment, please choose not to run.


The structure of the Executive Council is as follows:

• President — Rising 11th or 12th Grader, must have served on Executive Committee previously.

• Grade Level Representatives (GLRs): Two 11th & 12th Grade Representatives; Two 9th & 10th Grade Representatives; One or Two 7th & 8th Grade Representatives (depending on the final resolution presented by Cabinet). Each representative will run based on what grade they *will* be in for the 2015-2016 school year. GLRs for the 9th - 12th grades will be elected, GLR(s) for 7-8th grades must be rising 8th graders, and will be either selected or elected depending on the final version of the resolution presented by Cabinet.

If you'd like to apply to be Chaplain, please follow this link:

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