Pitlochry Baptist Church Family Contacts form
To fulfill data protection regulations we need to get permission from you to keep, and appropriately display, information about yourself. Submitting this form provides updated information, grants the listed permissions and records your response.

Please use this form to:
* update or request an entry in the Pitlochry Baptist Church contact list.
* ask to receive the Church emails
The PBC family cintact list is available to members and those actively involved in the day to day function of the church. The contact List is provided for personal use. It is not to be used by any business or independent organisation. Access to the list is granted together with other documents in the members area of the church website, pbcweb.net.

If you help with the work of the church or may do so in the future then - Thank you. We also need your permission to include your name in:
* Notices and rotas relating to your work, posted within the Church premises.
* Notices and rotas relating to your work, published within the areas of the Church website restricted to Church Family.
* Articles and rotas relating to your work published in the Church Magazine. The printed magazine is distributed to Church Family and is publicly available on the Church website for a limited time.

Our full data protection policy can be found at:

To make a request relating to your data or permissions given to PBC please email DPLead@pbcweb.net

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PBC communication and prayer emails
Publication of helpers names in church notices, the web and church magasine
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