Village-Builders Introduction Profile
Faith Families of African Descent Meeting for Marriage & Parenting Support (FFAMM, Inc.) contributes to positive social change through education, political advocacy and counseling services which support family-building, for people of African-ancestry. We create opportunities for like-minded individuals to meet, exchange ideas and actively pursue mutual goals - the greatest of which are the preservation of religious, cultural and family values.

Our Village Builders Introduction (TM) service is a discreet social referral service to match Black Christian, Jewish and Muslim families who wish to support each other through their parenting journeys. We recommend this service for people whose children are not yet interested in exploring the possibility of marriage.

This profile takes most families approximately 30 minutes to complete, including discussion time. Once it is submitted and the payment is complete, we will process your profile using our current database of families.

Complete the profile together (in the same sitting), with guardians and children present. Change requests may be submitted before match results are generated by emailing and will incur an additional administrative fee.

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