Book Creator Ambassador application quiz
OK, let's do this! Are you ready to prove your credentials as a potential Book Creator Ambassador? You'll need to score 40/62 overall to pass. We don't expect you to necessarily know all the answers off the top of your head (but a little research will go a long way). These are the kinds of questions you may be asked if delivering PD on Book Creator.
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Section 1 - About Book Creator
Each answer is worth 1 point, but for some questions there are multiple correct answers (you'll need to tick all the correct boxes to get the point).
On which of the following devices does Book Creator work? *
Which of the following describe the difference between our full Book Creator for iPad app and Book Creator One? *
(Hint - you'll need to check 3 boxes)
How many copies of Book Creator for iPad must a school buy to get a 50% discount through Apple's Volume Purchase Programme? *
How many books/libraries can a teacher make with a free Book Creator teacher account at *
How much does an individual teacher account cost? *
How many books can you make with the $120 per year plan?
Where is Red Jumper's HQ? *
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