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Please discuss any loans you've taken out and their amount. Please also discuss your ability to take out additional loans. If you haven't taken out any, please discuss why not.
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Please include any financial support that you are able to receive from family.
If you have any additional income or would like to elaborate further about anything in this section, please do so here.
Essay Questions
We expect the answers to most of the questions below to be well thought out. It is recommended that you work on your answers externally and then copy them here when you are ready to submit.
Why are you interested in this program? *
Describe any tutoring experience you have. If you don't have any, say "None." *
Elevate Tutoring aims to help financially underprivileged individuals. In words, please elaborate on the above financial data by describing your financial situation and why it is important for you to receive financial assistance. *
What do you think makes you a good candidate for the Elevate Tutoring Training Program? *
What are your academic and professional goals? *
Describe your comfort with math and science. What is the highest math that you'd feel comfortable tutoring? What science courses would you feel comfortable tutoring? *
What are your other time commitments and would they change if you were accepted into the program? Please include general availability for next quarter/semester and for next year (please provide approximate days/times - we realize that course schedules change each term) *
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