Spring June 6th 2020
Paying It Forward Store is doing a fundraiser. Paying It Forward Store is a local Non-profit that has been helping the local community since November 2015. We gather clothes, shoes, coats and provide these at no cost to those who are struggling. We run a thrift store where we are able to help those in our community daily. We also have young adults that have learning disabilities that are able to learn how to work in a retail environment at our store. We are doing this bazaar to raise funds to help support this mission. We thank you for taking the time to reserve a spot at this event. This event is for our father's and those who have stepped up to be a father to our youth! Please think about buying local when shopping for our dads!

Tabor space Saturday June 6th 2020.
10x10 booth space. Fee is $35.00.
Setup Starts at 9:30 AM and tear down starts at 3 PM
Events starts at 11 AM Close at 3:30 PM
No electricity is available.
No tables, chairs, or canopy available.
This is an outside event. In the past the weather has varied through out the event.
5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215

There are 30 spaces.

We will be advertising in the following places:
Tabor Space Church will be placing our event in their calendars so all those who visit the church for different events will learn about us.
Will be advertising via our store Anniebug's Attic Thrift Store at 13838 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97230
Will be advertising via facebook
Will be advertising via craigslist.com
Will be advertising via nextdoor.com
Will be advertising via eventbrite.com
Will be advertising via instagram
Will be advertising via posters on telephone poles
Will be advertising via sandwhich signs

We ask that vendors share our event page, and flyer via their social media.
This is in a neighborhood where neighbors walk a lot.

We are looking for food vendors if possible.
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I am paying the $35.00 fee online and I understand there is a convenience fee of $1.35 *
I agree to share the online flyer, facebook event page, and to email at least 5 to 10 friends, family or other contacts in regards to the event *
Each vendor is responsible to have weights to secure their canopy to the ground. Vendors are responsible for any damage that their canopy may do to their own products, or others if the canopy does blow over due to not being properly secured. *
Wavier of Liability- Paying It Forward Store and Taborspace and Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred by EXHIBITOR as a result of fire, theft, wind, storm, explosion, or any other cause whatsoever. Paying It Forward Store and Taborspace and Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church is not responsible for damage from loss of occupancy or other loss to EXHIBITOR by destruction or damage to the exhibit area. EXHIBITOR releases Paying It Forward Store and Taborspace and Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church from any and all responsibility for theft or damage to equipment, booth(s), or displays within the booth(s)- by fire, rain, accident, or any other cause whatsoever. EXHIBITOR assumes full and total responsibility for all patrons of the EVENT who visit or enter EXHIBITOR’S booth(s) and releases and agrees to Paying It Forward Store, from any claims by any patron concerning the goods or services EXHIBITOR displays, provides or sells at, or in connection with, the EVENT. EXHIBITOR agrees to bear full responsibility for any damage caused to the exhibition facility by EXHIBITOR, their agents or employees during the EVENT, and while setting up or taking down of their booth(s). EXHIBITOR agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and covenants not to sue Paying It Forward Store and Taborspace and Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, for any and all liability, real or alleged, arising out of, or in connection with this Agreement. EXHIBITOR agrees to pay all costs of collection, default, break or enforcement hereunder, including reasonable attorney’s fees. *
Refund is 100% up to March 15th 2020, Refund is 75% from March 16th 2020 to April 1st 2020. Refund is 50% from April 2nd 2020 to April 16th 2020. Refund is 25% from April 17th 2020 to May 14th 2020. There is no refund after May 15th, 2018 unless the location changes or dates changes of the event. If you agree click yes. Clicking no voids the application. *
We at Paying It Forward Store will do our best to make this a great event for you. Please do your part. *
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