Geneva Peace Week 2019 Speaker Application Form
Geneva Peace Week 2019 (GPW19) will for the first time include a speaker track. This track solicits applications from organizations that are willing to sponsor courageous people that have found practical solutions to building peace and resolving conflict. Applicant organizations can become event partners should their suggested speaker be included in a specific event. GPW19 especially welcomes speakers from different sectors or regions, and local-level actors, women and youth.
GPW19 speaker submissions should fall within one of the three following thematic clusters or within the ‘open programme’.

- Global perspectives on peacebuilding: Much theory and practice of peacebuilding is rooted in the intellectual traditions and historical experiences of Euro-Atlantic societies. This cluster invites speakers who discuss approaches to preventing and resolving violent conflict and building peace that are rooted in diverse traditions and know-how across the world.

- Building peace in Europe: This cluster examines the peacebuilding frontiers in Europe. It invites speakers on the peacebuilding implications of ongoing and escalating political and social conflicts on the European continent. Speakers should focus on how peacebuilding knowledge and practice could address and mitigate the rising tension and polarization in Europe.

- Multilateralism in transition: The state-centric system is experiencing change towards more interaction with other sectors. Trends suggest a greater focus on transnational connections and more interactive modes of working. This cluster invites speakers who discuss the peacebuilding implications of UN reforms and on the growth of city and corporate diplomacy around peace and conflict issues, chronic urban violence and exclusion, or conflict dynamics in cyber space.

- Open programme: Speaker submissions that do not fall within the three focus clusters may be part of an open programme.

For more details on the application criteria, see:


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5. Please describe how the speaker has found practical solutions to preventing or resolving violent conflict or building peace (up to 200 words).
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UNOG, the Graduate Institute, and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, as well as its five partner organizations, do not endorse any particular event or speaker during Geneva Peace Week.
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