Hair Fair 2019 Application
Please make sure you read all of the application details as well as the main body of the post this form comes with. If you have come to this form via a link someone gave you, please go to

All money collected as payment for Hair Fair is used to pay for the sims that the event is held on, if there is money leftover that money is donated with all other purchase donations to Wigs for Kids charity.
Store/Brand Name *
Please do not use characters only letters
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Owner/Creator Name *
Legacy Names only do not use display names, also make sure you are listed in search, if we cannot contact you, we cannot approve your application.
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Business Partner Name (if you have one)
Legacy Names only do not use display names, also make sure you are listed in search, if we cannot contact you, we cannot approve your application.
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Store Manager (if you have one)
Only to be used if the Store Manager needs to keep you clued in on what is happening, translations etc. Legacy Names only no Display names - this person must be your legitimate Store Manager and we know who they are, so please don't just add people.
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Type of Store *
Only a limited amount of Hairbase and Facial hair stores will be accepted please be very clear which category you are in
Booth Size *
The size you pick is the amount you will have to pay - no refunds available. If you plan to collab you will need to make sure your choice has enough prims. Large booths will be limited
Hairstyles *
the only number that is a must is 2 the rest just helps us know roughly the kind of prim usage we will be using :) so even if you say 4 and do 6 or 3 it is ok, you just MUST do 2
Advertising Board *
2000L is the cost - The adboard will go on a different sim than your booth will be, it is an extra way to advertise your store, especially if you sell more than hair. It will include a LM to your mainstore and they do get a lot of attention during the event. It does not have to be an image of your new styles, it is to be something different that promotes your brand. The money raised from these goes towards expenses of the event and to Wigs for Kids charity.
Collaboration Brand
This may be something you decide later, you do not have to fill this in now, but it will give me somewhere to put the person if you add later :) it is also important that you give Hair Fair at least a months notice so we can account for other people so before July 17th.
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Collaboration Designer Name
same as above does not have to be set in stone now
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Vendor Ads *
This is a G Rated event, as a fundraiser for a Childrens Charity - Wigs for Kids - No Nudity sheer clothing or overly Sexual advertising or vendor images can be used at the event or to promote the event. If you have any doubts, please contact Sasy Scarborough
Vendor Ads 2 *
You will need to send your vendor ads via email as soon as your booth is set up. These will be added to the website and it takes many hours to do so, so as early as you can is appreciated.
Timeline *
I have read and understood the timeline set forth for this event - Set up must be final by 11.59 pm SLT 14th August 2019
Groups *
You will need 2 Group spaces for each person that you have listed. 1 Event Group for all info and rezzing options. 2nd Group is the Demo group.
Demos *
Demos will be sent by you through our demo group on the 16th August 2019 you can also send to your own store groups from that date. Demos are also only allowed to be 0L in your booth, you cannot charge anything for demos at this event. You also cannot include a demo giving script in your vendors, vendors for demos must be set to 0L to buy only no scripts.
Hair Fair releases only at Hair Fair *
All styles must be NEW...........You cannot use older styles for your release, items can only be at Hair Fair during Hair Fair, you cannot release other package variations of the same styles at other events prior to, or during the event.
Charity Donation Scripts *
You agree that every package whether single, multiple or full pack will contain our Charity script during the time of this event. The Donation scripts - provided by us - no other scripts are to be used in your vendors - will donate 15% of every purchase made from your booth to the Charity of choice for this event - Wigs for Kids - Other amounts will be made available, but every single vendor in your store must contain the minimum of 15% donation script this also includes any collaboration item, whomever you bring into the event into your booth must agree to these terms
Booth Set up *
All items must be set to phantom in your booth, if it is no mod and you cannot set to phantom you cannot use it. You cannot have any scripts in anything, no lights, no sits, no givers , no subscribers nothing. If it has a script in it it will be returned. You cannot put items in the doorway of your booth, you will be provided inners in advance to build with, but the complete doorway is our terrain, and may need to fit the build style designed for it, so leave space on either side of it and above.
Gifts/Dollarbies *
You are allowed to put out ONE dollarbie/gift item in your booth, the item must be created by you, and it can only be 0L or 1L no other prices allowed. You can include a LM to your store, an item or multiple items contained in the same box/bag. This is a way for new people to get a taste of your creative skills, make sure that what you put out if you do is your best work. The item does not have to be a new item, it can be a past release from your store. It cannot be made by anyone else, and it cannot promote another business or creator. If you have someone in your booth collaborating with you and they want to put out a Gift/Dollarbie they can, but you will need to let Sasy Scarborough know so that no mistakes are made.
TOS and Theft *
Any items at Hair Fair 2019 that the committee feels is a TOS violation will be removed. If any reports of stolen content are brought to the committees attention about any store participating in Hair Fair 2019 the store will be approached and removed if the committee feels that the accusations are valid.
I have read and understand all *
So that we can be sure you have read and understand everything that has been proposed in this form. If at any time during the application process you are confused, please IM Sasy Scarborough.There is also a FAQ page you can go through that can maybe answer some questions you may have
Store Location - Slurl or marketplace link *
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Email Address *
This will only be used if we cannot contact you, or in the event something needs to be sent to you such as dae files for booth inners. It will not be shared with anyone ever.
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