Cryptocurrency Miner Research
Hey miners, thank you for your interest in this research interview!

This research interview is part of a ConsenSys knowledge-gathering initiative to gain more insights about your mining operations and ask you a few questions. As part of this process, interviews will be conducted over Zoom or in person. All selected interviewees will be rewarded for their time with USD$25 (Amazon gift card or DAI stablecoin). To express interest in your participation, please fill in this form with the required information. We can't wait to learn more from you!

Anonymous interviews are available upon request (requires additional setup).

Do you currently mine cryptocurrency? *
Which of the following best describes your mining operation? *
How many mining rigs do you currently run?
Are you intending to upgrade your current setup within the next 2 years? *
With the mining rewards you earn, how soon do you liquidate the rewards (convert to fiat) after you earn them? *
Where do you hold your cryptocurrency? *
Have you ever taken out a loan? (eg. personal loan, business loan, bank loan, family loan etc.) *
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