Registration BTT 350 2016
Choose what class you are competing in (or non-competition = Tour class)
Type of dogs
What type of dog do you have? A = Mixed breads i.e. Alaskan husky, B = Alaskan Malamuts, Greenland dogs and Samojed C=Siberian Husky)
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where you from
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What club are you competing for
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I have an insurance that covers the race?
You need an insurance that covers the race. As a swedish driver you have that if you have licens to compete (Tävlingslicens)
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Kennel/team name
What is your name of your kennel och team name
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Years as musher
The number of years you have driving dogs
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Competition experience
A summery of your competition experience
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Additional information?
Anything else you would like to add?
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Your registration will be visible at when we have recived the payment.
The starting fee is payable to:
SPHK NN / Beaver Trap Trail
Handelsbanken, Sweden Bank account: 389-7410
IBAN: SE31 6000 0000 0006 8353 5412
The fee is 2 500 SEK
After February 28, 2016 the entry fee will be raised by 500 SEK
Don't forget to add your name on the payment!

For more information please refer to the web site

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