19-20 WP Temporary Change in After School Plans
Please use this form to submit changes to your student's after school plans that are LESS THAN 24 HOURS from the dismissal time. Changes can be submitted up to 1 PM on the day of dismissal.

1. Please do not submit changes after 1 PM as this is considered an emergency and you should contact our front office at 404-370-4490.

2. A form must be filled out for each sibling.

3. The school does not notify after school providers of a student's absence.

4. Permanent dismissal change should be communicated to your child's teacher.

5. You do not need to notify the office if you are using this form BEFORE 1 PM.
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We will use this number to reach you in case your child does not get picked up.
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Reminder: Please do not submit this form if you are making a dismissal change for today and it is after 1 PM. Please contact our front office at 404-370-4490 so that we can communicate the change to your child's teacher. Thank you for submitting this information!
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