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You may also purchase this design if you are looking to book a session with me and want to save it until then.
If there won't be a possibility for you to book with me, you can then get it tattooed by another tattoo artist.

If you tattoo it with me, I will include your payment for the design as part of the tattoo session.
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Please do not steal or copy mine or other artists work without consent.

Unfortunately, it is easy to copy tattoos nowadays.
I can not stop you from doing it, only make it a little bit harder for you, since I don't post any complete designs online.
Please respect mine and other artist's hard work and support us by doing things honestly.

Also keep in mind that several people who have copied my tattoos directly from photos on my Instagram ended up with unproportional and often badly executed tattoos because the reference they used is from a photo that has perspective and the design is not flat and they didn't select an artist that would be able to execute such complex linework.

I really appreciate you for purchasing a design and supporting me!
The price for each Flash Design is on a scale from 90$ to 160$ USD, however much you wish and can contribute at the moment. *
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Once I receive your form, I will contact you and give you my Paypal address to proceed with payment.
(At the moment, I'm only accepting Paypal as payment)

After receiving your payment, I will send you the full JPEG. file.
Depending on where you plan to place it on your body, I will give you some suggestions for placement and size.

If you have a few artists in mind, you may send me their portfolios or Instagram and I can give my opinion on who would be best to make this tattoo.

Please mention to your artist that this design is made by me, that you purchased it and have the agreement of using it as a tattoo and please ask them to tag me and mention my name if they post it.

Thank you
If you know an artist to execute this tattoo, please paste their instagram or website.
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Anything else you would like to add?
Feel free to share a short text with me about what inspired you to get this design.
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Thank you so much!
You will hear from me soon!

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