Python Crash Course - Reader Survey
I am interested to know what people think about different aspects of Python Crash Course. I really appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer these questions, and letting me know what you think!
Which edition(s) of the book do you have?
What are you using Python Crash Course for?
Which best describes you? (Check all that apply)
Have you finished the book?
What parts have you worked through?
Which best describes your relevant experience before reading Python Crash Course?
How long did it take you to work through the book? (If you're part way through, how long have you been reading?)
What was your favorite project?
How would you rate each of the projects?
I didn't do it.
I did it, but didn't like it.
It was okay.
It was good.
It was excellent!
Alien Invasion
Data Visualizations
Learning Log
Which of the online resources did you find most helpful? (Check all that apply)
What are your main motivations for learning Python?
What do you plan to use Python for?
How did you find out about Python Crash Course?
Would you recommend Python Crash Course to others?
What resources have you found most effective after reading Python Crash Course?
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Has Python Crash Course had any lasting impacts in your life, personally or professionally? If so, I'd love to know what impacts it has had:
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I would like to write about some of the impacts Python Crash Course has had on readers. Would it be okay to contact you about what you've shared?
If it's okay to reach out, what is your email address?
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I am planning to make a wider variety of Python resources available now that the second edition of Python Crash Course has been released. If you'd like to be notified when these are available, please enter your email address below:
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Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience with Python Crash Course?
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Thank you!
If you want to get in touch, Twitter is the best way to do so. My DMs are open.

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