Archives Survey: Living Sober COVID Experiences

Living Sober Archives would like to capture this unprecedented time in our history where nearly all 12 step meetings as well as the Living Sober Conference itself and all of its fundraisers, have become virtual. We want capture and document this time so future generations can understand these experiences and draw on the resiliency and innovation demonstrated. The Living Sober Archives wants to ensure that the unique stories of LGBTTQIAAP + folks in recovery and involved with Living Sober (meeting, conference, fundraisers) during COVID are captured. Please share your personal stories with us!!!!

Some Suggestions:

Please include your own personal experiences or stories and be mindful of the anonymity of others.

If you have other digital files/information you would like preserved in the Living Sober Archive including screenshots please send them to However, as always, respect anonymity and do not include pictures/screenshots of other members.

Please DO announce this request for information and invite other members to share personal stories about this time with the Living Sober Archive.
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Please identify your age, race, and preferred gender pronouns.
Please provide your name. You may also label yourself anonymous.
Please share any personal stories or information about your experience as an LGBTTQIAAP + person involved with Living Sober during COVID that you wish the Archive to record.
If applicable, how has 12 step work has changed for you?
What is the current COVID pandemic like for those who lived through the AIDS crisis? Please share your experience.
How has Living Sober (meeting, fundraisers or conference planning) helped your recovery during this time?
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