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Dear Fister !

Fist of all, thank you for your interest in supporting us and the sport of fistball in Belgium !
We promise to allocate every euro to the Womens World Cup next july and to expanding fistball in Belgium through funding of our new clubs and making the sport more inclusive to players from all backgrounds and interests. We are looking forward to reshaping fistball in Belgium for the coming seasons !

All our shirts are made with high quality material, the same materials in which we will play in the upcoming tournaments. These materials are cooling, light and made to fist. They won't just hang in your closet but you'll use them to fist, run marathons, swim, party, chill, sleep etc. Wear our colors with pride and support our 2 national teams, The Red Phoenixes and the Red Jellyfists !

You can choose from 4 designs.

Amber White
Eline Red
Eilieen Black
Fauve Yellow

Every design comes in mens and womenssize, check the table to see your size.
You can choose between long or short sleeves.

Look out, the women's sizes come out a bit small.

Every shirt can be customized with your name and number.

The shirts are:

Short Sleeved: 40 euro
Long Sleeved: 45 euro

Every 3 shirts, regardless of the design/sleeves, is 115 euro.

Thank you so much for your support and fist on!
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Fauve Yellow
Amber White
Eileen Black
Eline Red
Fauve Yellow : Amount - Sex - Size - Sleeves - Customization
Amber White : Amount - Sex - Size - Sleeves - Customization
Eileen Black : Amount - Sex - Size - Sleeves - Customization
Eline Red : Amount - Sex - Size - Sleeves - Customization
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