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Request the ideal Event Technician to host that AMAZING event on MaestroConference.

Event Technician Services are billed at $75/hour and include activities such as:
- Running the technology platform for you so you can focus on the conversation.
- Managing the tactical logistics during the event, such as putting people in breakout groups for discussions, conducting audience polls, etc.

Note: Event Technician Services do not include Facilitation nor Call Design (there are different rates for Event Facilitators and Call Design).

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Do you have a call script or call plan that you can give? (Note: if you need help with Call Design, Event Technicians have a higher rate of $150/hour for this service.)
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Do you have a regular Event Technician that you would prefer? Your regular Event Technician knows your work best. It's better to work with the same person if she/he is available.
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