WA Youth Services - Live Status Update
Early in the COVID-19 crisis, YACWA created the Youth Services Live Status Portal as a means for services to inform the youth sector and young people of their changes to their programs, capacity and intake.

As Western Australia relaxes restrictions and organisations begin to resume some of their regular programming, we encourage services to keep their information up to date for clients and referral services.

If you've previously entered your service information, simply fill out this form again with the status of your service to update your information.

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In the interim, YACWA is coordinating a live status portal for youth services across Western Australia, detailing what exists, how services have changed, capacity to take on new clients.

If your organisation has services and locations, please provide a separate entry for each location and service.

The information entered into this form will populate the WA Youth Services Live Status spreadsheet, a list of the current youth services, which will be linked on YACWA’s website and social media.

Please note that the email you enter in the first question will be publicly displayed. If you don’t wish this for potential clients and other youth services to see this email, enter your organisation’s generic contact email.

If you’ve filled out this form once and wish to update the status of your service, simply fill it out again using the same email, or contact matthew@yacwa.org.au with the changes you’d like to make.

Please also note: The Department of Communities is also working on a Community Sector Partnerships COVID-19 Data Exchange process and there will be a more comprehensive request for service data in the coming months.

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Email *
Service Name *
Add the name that young people and colleagues would know the service, e.g. Passages Youth Service, Street Connect, The Cool Room - Ellenbrook
Organisation *
Add the organisation that administrates your service, e.g. Vinnies, Anglicare, City of Swan.
Service Suburb *
Add the suburb(s) in which your service primarily operates.
Service Region *
Select the region(s) in which your service primarily operates.
Service eligibility criteria
Detail any eligibility criteria or costs that young people or referral partners may need to know before accessing your service, e.g. low threshold, must be engaged in work or study, etc.
Service classifications *
Tick the boxes that best describe your service(s). You can describe your service in greater detail in the questions below.
Service status overview *
Tick the boxes that best describe the current status of your service(s). You can provide further detail to the ways in which your service has been disrupted in the following question.
Service status (detailed)
Describe in detail the ways in which your service has been affected. Consider including new operating hours, ad hoc arrangements, number of beds available, particular programs which have been altered or suspended, etc.
Service target cohorts (select all that apply)
Service address *
Contact number
List the primary contact number that young people can use to contact your service. If your service is no longer accessible via landline because staff are working from home, list the most relevant mobile number or email address where they can reach you.
Secondary service contact number
Add an alternate contact number through which clients can reach your service (e.g. secondary landline, mobile) or leave blank if not applicable.
Contact email
List the primary email address that clients can use to contact your services.
Contact hours
Add the contact hours in which your service is primarily operating.
Is this service funded by the Department of Communities
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