No-Dig Down Under 2019 - Utility and Council Scholarships Application
The Australian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) has introduced a scholarship program for representatives of utilities and operators to attend the society's biennial conference and exhibition, No-Dig Down Under 2019. Taking place in Melbourne, Australia from 10-13 of September, the event is one of the largest in the world dedicated to trenchless technology, and includes a program of technical paper presentations, training courses on trenchless topics, social functions and the largest trade exhibition in the event's history.

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About ASTT
ASTT is a non-profit organisation, representing organisations and individuals involved in Australia and New Zealand’s trenchless technology industry. Established in 1991, the society has grown from 35 members when it was incorporated, to over 200 in 2019.

Membership is open to all who are concerned with the provision of gas, water, sewage, drainage, telecommunications and electrical services. This includes consultants, contractors, material and equipment manufacturers, public authorities at all levels of government and those engaged in research and development for underground systems.

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What is included?
The scholarships will allow key members of Australasian utilities and councils to attend No-Dig Down Under with reduced costs. The aim of the program is to bring more utility and council employees to the event, thereby increasing knowledge of trenchless technology within these organisations.

The following scholarships are available:

5 x conference registrations for Victorian-based utility or council representatives
5 x conference registrations and complimentary accommodation during the event for interstate-based utility or council representatives*

The recipients of the scholarships also will be offered the opportunity to be interviewed for Trenchless Australasia, the official publication of ASTT. In addition to this, they will also be profiled in the September issue of the magazine, the official conference edition.

* Accommodation will be booked by the organisers of No-Dig Down Under, Great Southern Press.
Selection criteria
All applications will be reviewed and selected by ASTT. Applications will be judged on the following:
• Employment position and job title;
• Membership record with ASTT;
• Participation in previous No-Dig Down Unders and other ASTT events;
• Knowledge of trenchless technology industry;
• Career goals and level of interest in trenchless technology;
• Professional reference/testimonial from a colleague or industry contact of the applicant.

Care and confidentiality will be exercised by ASTT to guarantee privacy protection of any information submitted during the application process. Information in any given application must be fact checkable, including references.
Scholarship applicants must be a full-time employees of an Australian or New Zealand utility, operator or council.

If a recipient’s employment ends or is terminated before the start of No-Dig Down Under 2019, the scholarship will be rescinded by ASTT and transferred to another eligible representative within the organisation or other applicant, time permitting. ASTT reserves the right to define and determine eligibility of this program and cancel, modify or terminate any recipients or applicants.

Authors of papers accepted into No-Dig Down Under's Conference Program are not eligible for the scholarships.
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All applicants are required to include a professional reference. These individuals will either be from within the applicant's organisation, or be involved in the trenchless technology industry.
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Terms and conditions
Successful applicants will be notified by email and must respond by a designated deadline outlined in the correspondence. If the applicant does not respond by the deadline the scholarship will be rescinded.

Any additional expenses incurred as a result of attending No-Dig Down Under is the responsibility of the applicant and not the ASTT.
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