District Convention 2021: PenPal Registration Form
District Convention 2021: PenPal Interest
Hello everyone of CNH Circle K!

Have you been wanting to connect with members all across our amazing district but haven't been able to? Well, today is the day, no matter SUN, RAIN, SNOW, OR EVEN HAIL! The opportunity to make a new friend through a PenPal is here but don't wait too long or LIKE THE CLOUDS, the opportunity will disappear!

My name is Jessica Olivas and currently, I serve as this year's DCON 2021 Sergeant-At-Arms Chair.
This year, because DCON will be online, it will be a little different and who you would have had as a volunteer partner as an SAA volunteer will now be someone you will be doing some fun challenges with!

Please make sure to complete this form to the best of your abilities. This form is due by Saturday, February 27th, by 11:59 PM

If you have any questions, comments, concerns regarding the PenPal System, please don't hesitate to contact Sergeant-At-Arms Chair, Jessica Olivas, at cki.dcon.saachair@gmail.com or on Facebook!

The weather may be different depending on if you are in Hawaii, California, or Nevada but that doesn't mean fun won't shine at this year's District Convention 2021!

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