Pub of the Month Nominations
This is the nominations form for the Leeds CAMRA pub of the month.

All current Leeds CAMRA members can submit nominations. You are required to supply your name and CAMRA number in order for us to validate your submission.

To be valid, nominations also require a seconder, a field for this is below. If no seconder is provided online, then one will be sought at the branch meeting. If no seconder comes forward, the nomination won't go forward to the voting round.

On-line nominations close on 28th January at 19:00. Final nominations will be accepted at the Branch Social/Meeting at Pack Horse, Woodhouse on Tuesday 6th February at 7.30pm.

Voting will open after this meeting.

Winners of the Pub of the Month award will not be eligible for the award again for the next 11 months. The following pubs are ineligible for nomination:

Turks Head, City Centre (expires Mar 2019)
Grove Inn, Holbeck (expires April 2019)
Slocken, City Centre (expires May 2019)
Templar, City Centre (expires June 2019)
Scarbrough Hotel, City Centre (expires July 2019)
Fleece, Pudsey (expires August 2019)
Arcadia, Headingley (expires Sept 2019)
Wapentake, City Centre (expires Oct 2019)
Oscars, Morley (expires Nov 2019)
Manor Inn, Pudsey (expires Dec 2019)

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