SimpleCure Self-Help Club: Membership Application - Online
This is a private, members-only, club (hereafter "SimpleCure Self-Help Club", or, the "Club") for homeopathic / herbal remedies enthusiasts. The Club membership may be requested by any individuals who is; 1) a herbal and or homeopathy enthusiast; and, 2) lives in the US; and, 3) holds a valid / verifiable AMC/AMI membership code; and, 4) whose AMC/AMI membership is in good standing; and 5) who, if requested, will provide personal references satisfactory to the Club administrators.

The Club is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with AMC/AMI. It is only a reference point for our members' like-mindedness, shared values and comfort level with the shared information.

There are about 140 of commonly requested homeopathic remedies available to the Club members currently at no cost (nominal packaging and shipping fee is charged to cover such costs).

Anyone who does not have an AMC membership code yet may join by invitation only. The invitation must be made by a current member and it must be sponsored by at least two individuals who hold valid AMC membership codes.

Anyone interested in joining HomeoCure Self-Help Club, must understand, agree to, and acknowledge the following and complete this application.

1) - The Membership term is one year and it is NOT renewed automatically.
2) - The membership fee is $1.00 per month. (Paid upon approval of your application for the initial term of one year ($12)).
3) - You may cancel your membership any time. The membership fee is refundable only during the first 30 days.
4) - The Club may, at its sole discretion, cancel any membership without explanation, and in such case will refund prorated membership fee.
5) - The Club does not offer any homeopathic remedies that require prescription.
6) - The remedy requests fulfillment is strictly subject to remedy availability in the Club.
7) - There are no returns excepted or refunds made on the shipped items.
8) - Member promises and acknowledges the remedies he/she will request will be only for his/her personal or immediate family members' use.
9) - The member agrees to/ accept any future changes and addition to the foregoing as deemed necessary by the Club administrators.
10) - Proceeding to next page indicates you agreement with the terms and condition of joining SimpleCure Self-Help Club.

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