2019 Rooftop Filmmakers Filmmakers Fund
Are you a Rooftop Films alumni filmmaker who is directing a new film? Use the form below to let us know that you are interested in applying to the Filmmakers Fund.

Only directors who have previously had their work screened during the Summer Series are eligible to apply and only if they are directing an upcoming project. Producers and other collaborators may apply, but only if the director (or co-director) of the film for which you are applying is a Rooftop alumni. We appreciate that film is a collaborative medium, and respect the contributions of all the collaborators, but with over 2,500 directors who have now screened at Rooftop Films, we must limit the grant eligibility to that pool. Producers and writers on a film that screened at Rooftop are not eligible at this time. If you have not screened a film in our festival, you are not eligible.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please email filmfund@rooftopfilms.com or call 718-417-7362 before applying.

PLEASE NOTE: This form is a gauge of interest and completing the form does not constitute a formal application. A link to the application and further instructions will follow soon!
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To be eligible for any grants, the director (or co-director) of the film for which you are applying must be a Rooftop Films alumni.
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