AntiSocial Volume 02 Artist Article Submission
Love + Rage: In the pursuit of our happiness

AntiSocial is officially inviting you to submit for publishing your voice in Volume 02: Love and Rage. If you had a chance to experience Volume 01, you’d notice people submitted writing in the forms of poems / lyrics, dictated conversations and full article writing. All writing to be written in the first person and kept between 300 - 1000 words. Once your article is submitted and approved, we will work with you on your photoshoot including location and fashion.

Love + Rage, is exactly what you think. After the explosion of recognizing and exposing the racist system left us all with a few options for expression. Most took to the streets, made art and found avenues to release the rage. Others were inspired to strengthen their communities and support food drives, crowdfunding initiatives and showcase the action of love. If you were like me it was both! As I want to keep your writing unedited and present your voice as you wish I would like to ask a few things. Including this content will not disqualify but we are looking into the future with this publication so avoid writing COVID-19, pandemic, etc. Our photoshoots will not showcase masks either and we want the experience like the first Volume, to take you out of this world through relevant artist expressions. for any questions or clarifications.
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