Sthanakvasi Pratikraman Labh for 2020
Sthanakvasi Pratikraman:

Because of the pandemic we are in, this year we will be doing Sthanakvasi Savatsari Pratikraman virtually. Every year we do Boli for Pratikraman thaneki, 99 Aatichar, Maglik and 20 Logas. Since this year we will be doing it virtually we have decided to keep fixed Nakro for the above Labhs.

The fixed Nakros are as follows: -
Pratikraman thaneki - $151
99 Aatichar - $151
Maglik - $501
20 Logas - $501

You can take as many Labhs as you want, there is no restriction on the number of families for a particular Labh. You cannot combine multiple families to take a Labhs. You can donate more than the presented Nakro for the Labh. The Nakro amounts are designed so that more families can participate.
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Pratikraman Thaneki ($151 and above)
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99 Aatichar ($151 and above)
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Manglik ($501 and above)
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20 Logas Kausag ($501 or above)
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