Right Livelihood Professional Training Application
We ask these questions to get a better sense of your experience and goals so as to assess how this training might benefit you. We also have several non-evaluative questions to help us better tailor the training for applicants.
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Professional and Personal Goals *
Please discuss what you want to get out of this training for your work and life (250 words maximum).
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TLA Experience *
Please discuss your experience via writing, storytelling, and/or performing; facilitation and/or coaching; and collaborative work. Please also indicate, although this isn't a requirement, if you completed the TLAN Foundations certification and/or the Goddard MA in TLA (250 words maximum).
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Educational Background *
Please share a summary of your education, including study at colleges/universities, certifications and trainings (in-process or in the past), mentors and/or coaches you may have worked with, and anything else pertinent (250 words maximum).
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References *
Please list two references, plus an email and phone contact information for each of them. These should be people who know your TLA work (such as teachers, mentors, supervisors, collaborators, etc.) who can affirm your ability to participate in a collaborative training program.
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Criteria *
Participants who meet the following criteria will receive a completion certificate at the POW conference. If there are exceptional circumstances that lead to these criteria not being met, participants may apply to be in the next Right Livelihood Training at a reduced rate. 1) Complete 75% of assignments to instructor satisfaction; 2) Participate in 70% of conference calls; 3) Attend the opening weekend (or in extenuating circumstances, make arrangements with instructors).
Resume or C.V. *
Please email a general resume or C.V. to Director@TLANetwork.org with additional work and educational experience.
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