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The Vision for the Environmental Omics Synthesis (EOS) Centre was laid out in the NEOMICS report commissioned by NERC and published in 2011. It is based on the concept of NSF style synthesis centres, but in the case of NERC, the EOS Centre would specifically help to unify and support the wide range of current investments in ‘omics and provide strategic oversight at the community level.

An essential part of the programme is to develop Interdisciplinary Partnerships. NERC recognizes that some of the cutting-edge current and future areas of research in environmental ‘omics involve scientific problems where the environment is part of a more complex matrix. The EOS management team is actively seeking to support novel and interdisciplinary research directions by establishing partnerships at appropriate scientific and technological interfaces.

We want to hear from organisations that wish to co-support the EON network and are interested in forming partnership with EOS. Expressing an interest in becoming an partner does not commit you to providing co-funding, but rather it provides a basis for a dialogue to explore potential co-funding and co-sponsorship.

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