Thus far Orogenesis is an ambitious pipe dream. A collective murmur that's getting louder. What if we could travel across the north american continent on singletrack trails? It turns out there are a lot of trails out there. Or there were—but they're slowly being forgotten. We want your help to find them again. It won't be easy. At all. Our only requirements are humility and fortitude.

DISCLAIMER: Most of this route is more theoretical than literal. It's inspiring, but often times non-existent. Or it's really steep and hot or cold and raining or full of dead ends and no water or ice cream anywhere in sight. So, if you're interested in riding it you must be a really special type of person. Or dumb. Or both. The only guarantees we can make is that you WILL get lost, turned around, hungry, chased by wild boars, grilled by border patrol, and angry at us. We don't care. You signed up for this.

Still reading? Interested in riding or scouting part of the 7,300km Orogenesis route this year? Fill out the below form and we'll reach out with more info. (Your email will also be added to the Bikepacking Roots email list)

What we're looking for in return from our scouts:
- general debriefing in fall 2019 of the section(s) you scouted
- a GPS track
- notes about the routing—what works and what doesn't
- notes about services, water, food, attractions, etc
- photos and usage rights from your scouting missions

Yours truly, the Orogenesis Collective
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