HYFC Young Farmer Fellowship Application
Farming is rewarding but hard, and a little help can go a long way. The Hoosier Beginning Farmer Fellowship Program is a partnership with the National Young Farmers Coalition and HYFC. The project aims to propel a cohort of five outstanding beginning farmers forward. We will establish a network of peers available for assistance and advice, and provide compensation to the Fellows (which they can use to take their farm to the next level).

Farmers must be in years 3-10 of their farming operations to participate. The farmers will meet quarterly, participate in two conferences together, and join HYFC in our effort to connect beginning farmers statewide. Farmers will receive  a generous fellowship stipend to compensate their time ($7,000). Hopefully, these funds can help the Fellows tackle a major project that will advance their farm. Learn more about the Fellowship at https://www.hoosieryfc.org/fellowship.html.

Please answer the questions below and submit your application by 11:59pm on Friday, January 10, 2020.

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Are you a current member of the National Young Farmers Coalition? You must be to apply to the Fellowship. If you still need to sign up, go to https://www.youngfarmers.org/become-a-member-of-nyfc/ - then come back and apply! *
Your Operation
Tell us about your farm!
Describe your farm: tell us about what your raise/produce, where you sell your products, how long you have been farming, community involvement, or whatever else makes your farm tick. (Up to 1100 characters / about 200 words) *
Describe your scale: (For example: number of CSA shares, acres, gross sales, etc.)? (Up to 500 characters / about 100 words) *
Your Path to Farming
How did you become interested in farming and how did you prepare yourself for running your farm - this can include work experience, education, etc.? (Up to 1100 characters / about 200 words) *
Your Farm Trajectory
Tell us where you're headed.
What are you excited about on your farm for the 2020 season? (Up to 1100 characters / about 200 words) *
What would you like to accomplish on your farm over the next five years? Describe any big changes or projects that you have planned as your farm evolves, and why you are heading this direction. (Up to 500 characters / about 100 words) *
Do you anticipate growing the scale of your farm, shrinking the scale of your farm, or maintaining the current scale of your farm, and why? (Up to 500 characters / about 100 words) *
Benefitting from the Fellowship
We want to find farmers who are eager to engage with a cohort of Fellows and build relationships while they build their farms. Use these questions to demonstrate that you’ve thought of good ways to take advantage of the social dimension of this Fellowship.

What about HYFC's work specifically interests you? (Up to 500 characters / about 100 words) *
How do you envision engaging with the network of HYFC Fellows, and how will the social dimension the Fellowship offers help you and your farm grow? (Up to 500 characters / about 100 words) *
How do you envision the Fellowship funds will affect your farm’s future? (Up to 1100 characters / about 200 words) *
Sharing Your Fellowship Experience
The Fellowship program will be a significant opportunity for our cohort of beginning farmers - but we also want to “share out” to other young farmers statewide. Each Fellow will regularly contribute posts for HYFC’s social media pages, to help tell the story of how you’re utilizing the Fellowship. You will also provide a written reflection about the Fellowship, to help us hone the program over time. Most importantly, you will pick one way to share what you gain from the Fellowship with your community of farmers in Indiana. It’s fine if your idea changes during the course of the Fellowship, but we would like to hear about your initial idea. For example, you could host an HYFC event to share the improvements you’ve made on your farm as a result of your Fellowship. You could lead an HYFC workshop that highlights new skills you’ve honed during the Fellowship. Or maybe you have a podcast or written project in mind that shares how the Fellowship has propelled you or your farm forward.

How might you share how the Fellowship has propelled your farm with other beginning farmers in Indiana?  (Up to 1100 characters / about 200 words) *
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