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Please share your Calendly link or your primary email below for scheduling appointments to the mentorship program.  We strongly encourage you to use Calendly for scheduling your appointments. You can use the following link (https://calendly.com/)  to create your Calendly link and eliminate the problematic back-and-forth when trying to nail down times. Rather than email chains, you can send your availability with a Calendly link.
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"In course of the cooperation for Women in AI & Robotics Germany's accelerate program, we will disclose confidential information to speakers, such as know how, concepts, plans, use cases, project ideas, technology, personal data and other information related thereto. The speakers undertake to keep such confidential information strictly confidential and not to make it available to third-parties." *
Disclaimer: By contributing to the mentorship program of Women in AI & Robotics Germany, I understand that as a mentor, using this website and participating in this program, any support or advice I will give during the mentoring relationship is solely for the purpose of providing non-professional good faith guidance. I understand this relationship is an informational resource to voluntarily discuss general matters and issues. I understand that, as a mentor, I will not give any guarantee upon any of my statements as legal, financial or professional advice. Women in AI & Robotics Germany and individual mentors cannot and do not guarantee that any mentee will attain a particular result, positive or negative, financial or otherwise, through any mentorship relationship or use of this program, and mentees accept and understand that results differ for each individual. *
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