First 5 Lake Commissioner Application
When vacancies on the Commission exist, the Commission recruits new members from all geographic areas of the county by means of word of mouth, newspaper announcements, social media and online postings, and announcements at Commission meetings. The Commission Chairperson appoints a committee to review and screen applicants and the full Commission membership will vote to recommend a candidate to the Board of Supervisors for final appointment. All applicants must attend at least one meeting of the Commission prior to appointment.
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How long have you lived in Lake County? *
What languages do you speak/read/write proficiently? *
With what ethnic group do you most closely identify? This is an optional question and is included because the Commission values diversity. The Commission does not discriminate based on ethnicity or any other protected class.
Please list all community organizations in which you have been involved and describe your level of participation.
This vacancy is considered an at-large* commissioner position as opposed to a mandated position. We are seeking applicants who meet the required criteria in one of the following categories: *
Which organization/agency do you currently represent and what position do you hold there? *
Please give a brief description of why you would like to serve on the First 5 Lake Commission, what special qualifications or expertise you may have for the position, and any other information you would like to include as part of your application. *
*The length of term for "at-large" commissioners is two (2) years. Some of the duties for "at-large" commissioners include: a.) Attendance at all regularly scheduled meetings currently held on the 4th Wednesday of each month (including special meetings as necessary) without missing three (3) consecutive meetings, b.) Professional conduct at all times, c.) Facilitation and participation in discussion and dialogue regarding the Strategic Plan, policies and all other issues of mutual concern to the Commission. If appointed to serve, could you reasonably expect to complete these duties? *
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