Early Access to Kindergarten or First Grade Application
Thank you for your interest in the Early Access to Kindergarten/First Grade program. Littleton Public Schools has established a program aligned to the requirements of Colorado House Bill 08-1021 for identifying "highly advanced" gifted children under the age of 5 who require comprehensive academic acceleration. Please note that very few students will meet these rigorous requirements.

If your child will be 5 on or before October first for Kindergarten or 6 on or before October 1st for First Grade you DO NOT need to apply for Early Access.

In accordance with Bill 08-1021, students applying for Early Access to Kindergarten MUST be age 4 no later than October 1st or age 5 by October 1st for First Grade. Applications must be received NO LATER than April 1st.

Once you have completed the application please submit it electronically. You will then be mailed a packet to you to create a student portfolio. When you have completed gathering the materials for the portfolio a face to face appointment (the parent and the student must attend) should be scheduled with the District Gifted Education Coordinator.

After reviewing the student portfolio and completing the interview a decision will be made regarding whether to proceed with a formal assessment conducted by an LPS School Psychologist. This assessment will be done at no cost to the parent unless you choose not to attend an LPS school in August or move prior to the start of school. In these instances you will need to reimburse the district for cost of the assessment.

Students who qualify based on the scores mandated in Colorado House Bill 08-1021 will then move forward in the process. The District Gifted Education Coordinator will bring the assessment results and the student portfolio to the school of enrollment where a team of educators will determine the next steps. These next steps usually include an interview with the student and parent, an observation of the student in the preschool classroom, etc. The final decision to acceot or not accept is ALWAYS at the discretion of the local school. Parents will be notified by means of a Letter of Determination within 60 calendar days of receiving the completed application and portfolio.

If you wish to proceed please complete the following application:

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If you have any further questions please contact the Coordinator for Gifted Education at 303-347-3477 or by email at mness@lps.k12.co.us.
Once your completed application is received, a portfolio packet will be mailed to you on the next business day. Please allow two-three business days for the packet to arrive at your home. Please also check that all mailing and contact information you provided on this form is current and accurate.
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