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Fall 2019 | Prof. Mark J. Grossman
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Three Truths and a Lie
Enter four statements below. Three of them must be true and one of them must be a lie.

The truths need to reveal interesting and unique things about yourself – so unique that the class might think you are lying. And the lie needs to be believable within the context of who you are. Do not include ordinary statements such as “my favorite color is blue” or “I’m the oldest of three siblings."

In the video below, two people play "Two Truths and a Lie," naming three unique things that are all plausible, but one of them is not true.

Below the video, write your four statements, one each in the boxes. Remember to use proper syntax, punctuation, and capitalization.
Example of Three Truths and a Lie (Actually, "Two Truths" in this case.)
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