2020 About My Child - St. Michael Preschool
The information you provide on this form will play an important role in helping to make your child's preschool experience a success. This form the information is confidential and will be used by preschool staff only.
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Please describe your child, keeping in mind both joyful and challenging times.
Describe the kinds of play and activities your child most enjoys.
What upsets your child most?
To comfort my child I...
What are your child's greatest strengths?
What does your child need help with?
Please describe your goals for your child for the upcoming preschool year.
Has your child ever been professionally evaluated and been given a diagnosis? If yes, please describe.
If English is not the primary language spoken in your home, what is your child's primary language?
Please list any food, insect or medication allergies.
Has your child been diagnosed with asthma?
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Please list any concerns that you would like your child's teacher to be aware of before school begins.
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