The Mayor of Bogota, through the Secretary of Economic Development (SDDE), The Bogota Tourism Office (IDT) with the support of partner city agencies will implement the program “Embajadores Bogotá-2019” (Ambassador’s Program 2019), aiming to the strengthen the international positioning of Bogota as the best place to learn Spanish, as well as a surprising destination for tourism and business. The prioritized countries are: France, Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Republic of Corea, Popular Republic of China and Turkey.

For the implementation of the program, a group of maximum 35 undergraduate and postgraduate foreign students from careers related to Tourism, social communication, Journalism and Mass Media will be selected. It is a full scholarship (plane tickets, maintenance per month, international insurance-in Colombia and spanish course) that start the first week of september and ends the last week of november of 2019.

Registration until July 7th 2019 at 00:00h.

Requirements for the candidates

Ten (10) selection criteria will be established to evaluate the candidates. The candidates with the highest score will be preselected to the Spanish level exam and the interview.


1. Schengen or US visa
2. Complete documents
3. Over 21 years old- Under 40 years old
4. Health status- Medical certification with official translation
5. Spanish level – B1 minimum (Original Certificate)
6. English level B1 (Original Certificate)
7. Volunteering experience
8. University where the student study or/ will attend his undergraduate and postgraduate
9. Career Grades Average
10. Careers related to the tourism sector, journalism and social communication

Confirmation of pre-selected in Spanish exam and interview

1. Participants notification
2. Acceptance of the scholars
3. Start of visa request


1. Passport (Copy)
2. Photo (no more than one year old)
3. Visa (Copy)
4. Medical report
5. Yellow fever certificate
6. English certificate
7. Degree certification / Enrollment
8. Official transcript
9. University letter certifying that can be published the products of the Program (e.g. Website, newspapers, and others)*
10. Statement motivation letter of one thousand (1.000) words that response the follow questions:

- What do you know about Colombia?
- Do you know about Bogota?
- Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for the program?
- In which ways would you benefit others from the program?
- How can you promote the tourism or the investment in Bogota?

*Please send all the documents to

Candidate data
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3. Date of Birth *
4. Age *
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5. Passport Number *
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6. Date of Expiration of your Passport *
7. Do you have any valid visas on your Passport? If the answer is “yes”. Which one/s? *
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8. Gender *
9. Marital Status *
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10. Address, mobile number-include country code *
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11. E-mail *
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12. How many people do you live with and who does your family comprise of? *
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13. Volunteer (which one/s?) *
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14. Do you have any dietary restrictions? If the previous answer is yes, which dietary restrictions do you have? *
15. Degree earned; Postgraduate Institution (if applicable), Country/City, Do you have any additional academic background or title held in any additional Institution? If so, which one? *
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16. Experience in Tourism if applicable *
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17. English, Spanish level, or any other language *
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18. Emergency contact mobile number-include country code *
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