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Read about the program here:, or consider other inspiration you discovered on the Parzival Academy website.
What kind of career/vocational goals do you have, and what types of skills are you hoping to learn in order to align with them? *
Consider who you long to serve, what you wish to offer the world, and what your broad vision is. What types of career/vocational specific skills are you particularly hoping to learn through Parzival Academy?
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Share with us the personal and relational skills you hope to learn, in addition to the career/vocational goals and skills you listed in the previous question.
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We're not interested in the clubs you joined where you weren't actively involved. Tell us about the activities that you most enjoyed. This may include sports, music, hobbies, etc, and it may be activities outside the classroom or outside the school.
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Tell us a bit about any jobs you've already had, or businesses you've helped with (or started! if any), or significant projects you've worked on. Note that you do *not* have to have any work background to apply to Parzival, but if you do, describe it here.
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Please describe in detail (approximately 500 to 800 words) the reasons you believe Parzival Academy is a great fit for you, and you are a great fit for the program. Consider how you exemplify (with concrete examples) the qualities and requirements we're looking for (see, and what personal qualities you believe will have a positive impact on other Parzival students and our community.
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Please email a PDF of your transcript to: -- it is a secure account and your info will be kept confidential.
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What else do you feel is important for your teachers, and fellow students, at Parzival, to know about you?
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Be realistic. No need to share lots of details, but it is useful to commit to a program intentionally.
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We will send you an application for a need-based partial-scholarship, and we can also speak with you about fundraising opportunities.
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