Mountain Experience Survey
This is an anonymous survey which aims to better understand mountain path users experiences when out on the hill.

Over the past 4 years we have been investing in repairing the upland path network across the mountains in Scotland's National Parks. Tell us about your experience visiting these mountains, how you use the paths and what would make your future visits more enjoyable.

This survey is brought to you by the Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland as part of our project, The Mountains and the People. Find out more at

During this survey we want you to think about a visit to one specific mountain on one specific day so first of all select a mountain from the following list:
When did you visit this mountain?
Which sources of information, if any, did you use, to find out about the this mountain prior to your visit?
Which form(s) of transport did you use to get here today?
If you used parking do you feel the charges were appropriate?
If you answered No above please explain why?
Your answer
What activity(s) did you or do you undertake during your visit?
Are you aware that you were in a National Park?
If YES, were you aware of this before or only after your arrival in this area?
In your decision to visit this mountain, how important was the fact that this area is a National Park?
How would you rate your overall visit to this mountain?
Very Poor
Very Good
What do you like most about your visit to this mountain?
Your answer
What did you like least about your visit to this mountain?
Your answer
For each of the following statements please tell us how much you agree or disagree that the statement describes your experience on the mountain.
Agree strongly
Neither Agree of Disagree
Disagree Strongly
Don't Know / NA
Paths were well maintained and enjoyable to use.
The path fitted naturally within its surroundings.
Parking facilities were sufficient.
The site was clean and tidy.
The path is an improvement on what was there before.
It was easy to find our way around the path network.
If you strongly disagree with any of these statements please provide further information.
Your answer
How would you rate the following facilities in this area?
Very good
Average Poor
Very poor
Not used / applicable
Provision of car parking
Condition of paths and tracks
Availability of public toilets
Picnic areas
Public transport
Information boards
Mobile phone reception
Wifi access
Including this visit, how many times have you visited this mountain in the last five years?
What is the likelihood of you visiting the this mountain again or recommending it to others?
Who do you think is responsible for the management and maintenance of this mountain path?
Your answer
Are you familiar with The Mountains & The People project?
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