Online Festival
Our festival has no name, but there are challenges:
- Create a variety of cultural and educational content, in attempt to support people, dealing with confusion and anxiety in isolation.
- Implement online formats, that do not try to be a "replacement for offline" but have their own unique value obtained precisely through the use of the Internet and other networks
- Support cultural workers and creative industries workers. Especially those who in the current crisis do not receive any help from the state or employers.
- Discuss technological solutions that address excluded groups of people who were isolated already, before the crisis, and therefore are now in even more difficult situations
- Organize a platform for discussion, experiment and critical reflection on the role of technology in the modern world

If at least one of these tasks is interesting to you and you are ready to devote your time to try resolve it - then excellent, let’s work together! By interest we mean resonance, response, not your possession of any specific skills or having ready solutions. The festival is a lot of work, we all need different help, so the core thing is one’s desire to participate.

Please answer a number of questions so that together we can see the spectrum of the people, teams and organizations involved. The summary table will be open to everyone who fills out this form, so that we can organize a general discussion and create working groups.

If you have several different options for participating in the festival (for example, you want to conduct a workshop on AI, organize a round table on online theater practices and also help with the website design) - please fill out this form again for each of them

This form was created by Ildar Iakubov and edited together with Helena Nikonole. We want to avoid hierarchical relationships within the festival and therefore we invite everyone to an open discussion. If for any reason you do not want to or cannot share your information in the summary table - please mark this in the first question of this form and we will keep it confidential.

Thank You!
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