SCM School Census
This survey helps us connect the Montessori curriculum to our diverse community of families. Our teachers and staff are excited to learn from the survey statistics and your write-in responses that provide unique descriptions of our students and their families.

Your responses to these questions are anonymous and the data is held privately for use only by Santa Cruz Montessori. The collected data is used only in aggregated form; your response is not reviewed individually.

Thank you for making Santa Cruz Montessori a welcoming and nurturing community.
Marital Status
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Adults in my household are in the following age brackets
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How far do you live from the school
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Do you share custody of a child with another household
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Household Size
How many adults in the household
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Family Constellation
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Children enrolled in the following programs
Country of birth
Members of my household were born in the following countries. (Separate multiple with commas)
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Members of my household identify as:
NOTE: Categories included here and the responses collected are designed to be compared to data available from US census. If none of the categories below represent your family please include a short response in the "other" field below.
Other Ethnicity
Languages Spoken at home
Belief System
Members of my household have the following belief systems
Gross household income before expenses or depreciation
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Employment Status
Members of my household are employed:
Members of my household are employed in the following industry
Other Occupation
Thank you for completing the census
If there are any identities you would like to see represented in the school diversity curriculum please include them here.
Additional comments and questions
We welcome your responses to elaborate on the questions posed in this census as well as questions and concerns about the survey itself. You can leave an anonymous message here or email Joe Bonanno ( with your thoughts and concerns.
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