PoC Academic Librarians and Deauthenticity
Deauthentication (a working definition): a process People of Color traverse to prepare for or navigate predominantly White workplace environments, resulting in decisions that hide or reduce aspects of 1) the influence of their ethnic, racial, or cultural identity,  and 2) the presentation of their natural personality, language, physical and mental self-images/representations, interests, relationships, values, traditions, and more, to avoid macro- or microaggressions, shaming, incivility, punishment or retaliation, and which results in barriers to sharing their whole selves with their colleagues and/or clients.
Are you a credentialed academic librarian (MLIS from an ALA-accredited institution or its equivalent)?
What is your race/ethnicity?
Are you Hispanic/Latino?
What is your gender?
According to the working definition above, do you believe you have engaged in deauthentication?
If yes, choose the general category of the ways you've deauthenticated yourself to prepare for/navigate the workplace. (Choose all that apply)
How has deauthentication affected your library practice?
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What do you believe may happen at your workplace or in your library career if you do not engage in deauthentication?
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