2020 WLP Volunteer Positions
We need every family to volunteer for something! Please click on the volunteer positions you can help with! Thank You!
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Driver for competitions (click all that apply) *
If driving, how many seats do you have available?
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If driving, do you have a way to pull a trailer?
Loading for competitions and other events. *
Prop building. *
WLP Historian (take photo's and/or videos, put a scrapbook together at end of year). *
Uniform fitting/hemming. *
Banquet helper. *
Raffle Coordinator *
Raffle helper (must be 18/selling tickets at friends and family show). *
MCGC State Championships worker (we are required to send 2 volunteers in order to compete in State Championships/you will work 1, 4 hour shift). *
Chaperone (click all that apply). *
Food helper (cooking, preparing, etc..click all that apply). *
On/Off helper (we need about 20-25 people to help bring equipment on and off the floor for competitions. *
Let us know if you have any restrictions or other thoughts regarding these positions.
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