Pirates CSG video survey
Would you be interested in watching a game of Pirates CSG in video form? *
Would you be interested in watching a live-streamed game of Pirates CSG? *
Do you have any interest in seeing VASSAL games on Twitch?
Which type of audio would you prefer? *
Would you like to see review-style videos where someone shows their collection and talks about various aspects of it? *
This could include going through ships and talking about how good they are, which ones are overrated/underrated/etc, and doing the same for other game pieces such as crew and UT's (unique treasures)
Would you like to see videos where different people interact via Skype/etc? *
Such as an interview, discussion/arguments over different game concepts, talking about games, collections, etc.
What other types of videos would you like to see in terms of Pirates CSG? *
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