Call for Proposal for CSC Senior Project
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In this survey, you will be guided by a few questions to provide some basic information about your project idea. After your input is submitted, we will get in touch with you shortly. For any questions, please email Dr. Jingwei Yang (
Note: The current submission will be shared with our Fall2021 CSC Senior Project teams in Sept. 2021.
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Please give a general description of the features/functions to be provided by the software product: (It is OK to skip this question if your project idea has not been consolidated into features/functions yet. We will help you with it during the project.)
Please give a brief description of the expected uses of the software: *
Please give a brief description of the expected users of the software: *
You could choose to work with one or two of our teams on your project. The trade-off: working with one team will introduce less communication, scheduling overhead, while working with two teams will give you a chance to pick a "better" product in the end. Given this, how many team(s) would you like to work with? *
If you have been in contact with a team and would like to work with them, please let us know their team name: (If none, please skip this question)
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