DenFur 2021 Party Block
DenFur is collecting information for those interested in hosting room parties or interested in being in the "noisy" block of the hotel rooms. The hotel will do its best to accommodate party block requests and place all loud block rooms on the same floor depending on room types.

Please fill out the following information, and the information will be passed to the hotel. No further communication will occur unless we have a question for you. If you have any questions regarding parties, you can reach out to

The following is our code of conduct regarding parties

The person named in the room reservation is responsible for anyone
staying in the room, visiting the room, or passing through, and any damages that occur.
Signs may not be posted to hotel walls, hallways, or elevators of the
Hotel unless otherwise stated by the individual convention. If allowed, this must be done with paper or ‘painters’ tape to prevent residue being left on the walls. If flyers are placed with improper hanging materials, the person named in the room reservation will be responsible for damages and payment to the hotel.

Room Parties are allowed, but noise must be kept to a level to not
disturb other attendees during night hours. Doors to hotel rooms must be
kept shut.
Noise complaints will receive a single warning from the hotel
staff or convention staff.
The member hosting the party is responsible for cleanup. Excessive trash, soiling, or damage to hotel property in the room may result in removal from the hotel and the convention.
Housekeeping will ONLY clean up bagged trash.
In most cases, hotel staff are required by corporate policy to inspect hotel block rooms once per day, even if the room is not to be serviced. Housekeepers will often bypass rooms with “do not disturb” signs on, but will return at the end of their rounds, and knock on doors. Attendees must allow housekeeping to access the room if asked.
Room parties hosted on the designated party floor are subject to
different rules. As of right now, these are the current DenFur rules for our 2021 block.
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