2019 Harrisonbrug Solar Census
The Harrisonburg Solar Census (HSC) aims to tell the story of Harrisonburg's Solar energy generation. From family residential arrays to commercial scale installations, solar is growing: providing clean energy across our friendly city. This project aims to capture every single solar array in the city and tell the story in KWs, pictures, individual and business motivations, and more. Form will take no more than a few minutes to complete. Thanks for joining us!

Family Name or Business/Non-Profit Name
This is how you want to be displayed on our interactive map. Example: "The Johnsons", "Gift & Thrift"
Why Solar?
In 1 or 2 sentences, summarize why you went solar as an individual, family, business, or non-profit. May be helpful here to think about your values, motivations, and opportunities.
How many KWs is your solar array?
What year (and month if you know) did you install your solar array?
Where in the city is your array located (Street Address, Block, or neighborhood)?
The more specific the more helpful but share what you are comfortable with.
How did you finance your array?
Where did you purchase panels and/or who installed your array? (company, self, volunteers)
Please upload 2 to 3 images of your array or installation for our interactive map!
Would you be interested in a free yard sign to note your support for solar in Harrisonburg and participation in the Census?
This helps the community see the prevalence of solar is in Harrisonburg as they are driving around town! Signs are provided at no cost thanks to the support of Green Hill Solar, Secure Futures, and Give Solar.
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Comments? Questions?
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